How to Maximize Revenue with Auctions


I shared on the Do Good Better Podcast why I love helping people do good and get things sold.

Patrick Kirby and I had a great conversation about how to maximize revenue with auctions – here are my top  takeaways:

  • Are you having a FRIENDraiser or a FUNDraiser? What’s the difference? The success of your event depends on which you choose! For example – who you invite may be different for each type of event.
  • How do you pick the right people to invite? Call donors who’ve given in the past to make sure they are personally invited to participate. This is a great way to engage your board members.
  • How do you control the length of your speeches? Control the mic. Stick to the script. 
    • For a two-minute speech, your printed speech should be about 1 ½ pages double spaced and 24 point font!
    • When you want a personal touch but need to keep some control – don’t give away the microphone, consider a “Fireside Chat”.
  • For your auction – don’t just take what you can get. And don’t guess what your guests want – ask them. Do a short survey – 1-2 questions – and let them tell you!
  • Focus on sponsorships so that you are in the black before your doors even open!

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