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Virtual Fundraising

Have you considered a virtual fundraiser?

Sometimes a full-blown gala is not the answer. Maybe you are struggling with a shoestring budget, or reduced staff/board time or, like so many right now, you are trying to figure out how to raise critical funds during the year of necessary social distancing.

Top Reasons to Go Virtual:

It’s Affordable!

Virtual fundraisers are much less expensive than traditional galas. Guests will watch from the comfort of their homes or in groups, so you will not need to provide the venue, catering, or decorations.

Shorter Program Time

They are shorter than galas – which means less work for staff and board members and less commitment for potential “guests”.

Keep Your Revenue Streams

You can still include the live auction, fund-a-need and silent auction as revenue streams. You can also accept sponsorships and feature them prominently in the program.

Anybody Can Participate from Anywhere

Guests can participate from anywhere in the world. Watching the event live, they can use comment features to interact with hosts and each other. Guests can also host their own watch parties, viewing the same live-stream privately with a group of friends in separate locations.

For a Successful Virtual Gala, You Need:

  1. A mobile bidding company
  2. A social platform for live streaming, like Facebook Live
  3. A great tech company that can provide great A/V (sound and image)
  4. A fantastic auctioneer, like me!

Virtual Fundraiser MUSTS:

Think 30 – 45 minutes Tops!

You must streamline your run of show for an audience with a short attention span (and the ability to easily leave the program by turning you off).

Tell A Story

Your program must tell a story about your organization and who you are helping.

Keep It Entertaining

No matter how serious the cause, your program must be entertaining to engage viewers to stay tuned and engaged.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Dean can help you navigate through these issues and determine if a virtual gala is right for you!

I look forward to helping you and your non-profit succeed!

Dean Crownover