How I’m Different

There’s a reason Dean Crownover is Georgia’s #1 Benefit Auctioneer.

Dean is an ‘auctiontainer’ who knows how to make it fun and easy for people to want to give.

It takes time for an auctioneer to get to know an organization–to truly understand the facts and figures involved in what they do to help make lives better. Most auctioneers simply don’t bother. And when it comes time to inspiring people to give, they fall short on the messaging. Dean is about the messaging: understanding what you do, and conveying that information to an audience, so people feel motivated and inspired to be generous and give.

Most auctioneers give you a package of 2 or 3 hours to cover everything your event entails. Dean gives three or four times as much—an average of 8 hours of meetings and much more. Dean offers clients unlimited support by phone or email. Close, hands-on work with every client is how he takes the guesswork out of successful event planning.

As an improver, I’m an expert at reading and responding to connect with the full range of audiences I encounter. I know how to focus noisy, rambunctious crowds, or brighten up and energize more somber ones. Talking with a crowd as if they’re one person—a friend—is one of my specialties. I have the talent and personality to engage, focus and put a crowd at ease—even the tough ones!”

Unlike any other auctioneer or consultant you may work with, Dean is…

  • Designated as a “Benefit Auction Specialist” through the National Auctioneer Association.
  • Able to give you the benefit of 30 years of background in the entertainment industry.
  • An auctioneer as well as a trained actor and improver who knows how to entertain guests and bring fun and excitement to events.
  • Specialized in understanding exactly what an organization does, and relaying that message to an audience to inspire donations.
  • Completely dedicated to the success of every client’s fundraiser, and prepared and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make that happen.
  • Skilled in carefully developed and time-tested methodical approaches to fundraising options that help organizations earn the most money possible.

As a Benefit Auction Specialist—one of only about 200 in the entire country—Dean is solely dedicated to his profession and all that it entails.

In addition to specialized education in benefit auctioneering, Dean is among the top 100 in his field who attend a yearly Summit designed to facilitate the success of Benefit Auctioneers in helping their clients.

Best practices, the latest trends in fundraising and today’s technology (such as mobile bidding) are among the topics Dean stays current in as one of the nation’s leading Benefit Auction Specialists.

With a diversified background in entertainment and twenty years of experience, Dean knows how to bring comedy and fun to fundraisers and benefits. This is the piece of the puzzle events are often missing, and it can make all the difference for guests. At any fundraiser or benefit, guests want to be entertained.

Dean isn’t just a bid-taker. He works closely with clients to become an ambassador for their organizations throughout their events. He’s your salesperson, marketer and entertainer, all rolled into one.

“I know from experience, once an event is set to start, it’s too late to fix things. I’m committed to dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘T’ beforehand. Planning, communication, coordination and double-checks are part of the burden I take off my clients’ shoulders.

Every foundation necessary for your event’s success will be in place when you work with Dean: a great sound system, a timeline to establish focus, and an expert who knows how to offer a show that’s ideally suited to a unique crowd.

I approach my work at an event just like a professional actor in a theatre or a musician on stage. My goal is to put on a quality show, engage your crowd and raise as much money as possible.

Working with Dean, it’s a given your event’s most important aspects—the money-making activities–will run smoothly.

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