Are Auctions Worth It? Find out!


Auctions can be a fun, and engaging way to both raise money and get people excited about your work. But are auctions worth it and what do you need to host a successful auction?

I shared on Fundraising Heros why auctions are worth it!

We had a great conversation about how to have a successful auction – here are my top three takeaways:

  1. Start with a strong run of the show. You want to organize the event schedule in a way that keeps things flowing and find the best time to talk about your mission. Try to plan to talk about fundraising and your more important messages earlier on in the event, because as the night goes on people will be more interested in socializing and lose focus.
  2. Always check in on your event. Take a look at the numbers throughout the evening. Where are you with mobile giving and pre-gives? Does your audience appear engaged and interacting with activities? If the mood is low and people aren’t engaging, then it may be time to find a way to reconnect your audience with your message. 
  3. Don’t forget to build trust. Take time with the auctions, don’t be afraid to go slow and let people take in the impact they are making that night. Thank your guests and remind them you’re all here tonight to work towards the same goal.



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