3 Proven Fundraising Strategies to Help You Increase Your Donations in One Night


If you want to increase your donations in one night, you need to know how to use effective fundraising strategies that keep your audience’s attention and engage them in meaningful ways.

On this episode of Handbid’s Elevate Your Event, I talk about three proven event fundraising strategies that will help you increase your donations while entertaining your audience.

Highlights include:

  1. How to set the tone for a successful paddle raise at your event.
  2. Six minutes is enough to prepare your audience for the paddle raise.
  3.  Only 20% or so of your audience can bid in the live auction but EVERYONE can give in the paddle raise. Put it first. 
  4.  The #1 revenue generator at an event should be the paddle raise/fund-a-need. There is an energy in the room when someone is inspired to give. 
  5.  About 75% of audiences have never been to an auction before so there’s a need to make them comfortable with giving.

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