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Dean Crownover, My Benefit Auctioneer, is a benefit auction specialist, profit consultant and author with a track record of raising millions of fundraising dollars for his nonprofit clients. Jane Fonda said “Dean Crownover is a dynamic auctioneer with the fast-talking pizzazz needed to rake it in!”

He is the author of PADDLES UP! My Benefit Auctioneer Reveals Post-2020 Gala Fundraiser Secrets. The book shares proven fundraising strategies, including those that emerged from virtual events during the pandemic, and how they can be incorporated for live events.

With over 25 years of professional entertainment experience, Dean’s love of good causes and nonprofit organizations shows in his attitude and performance at every event.

Dean’s popularity soars due to two skills that make him unique – he can control even the rowdiest crowd while bringing in maximum donations and bids. He travels the United States raising millions of dollars for his clients.

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Dean’s Signature Talking Topics

5 Proven Event Fundraising Strategies That Can Double Your Donations…in One Night!

5 Secrets to Double Your Post-Pandemic Event Fundraising

2 Truths and a Lie about Revenue Generators at your Fundraising Event

Why planning a fundraising gala ain’t planning a wedding!

The audience will discover tips like how to…

  • Develop an often under-utilized big moneymaker for your event.
  • Use the Golden Ticket strategy to raise thousands of dollars, regardless of the size of your audience.
  • Drive pure profits using the Sell the Farm Sponsorship Generator.
  • Get the right people in the room for your gala (and why your guest list can make or break your fundraising efforts). 
  • Choose and hire a Benefit Auction Specialist who gets wallets flying open through auctiontainment and proven strategy!


I look forward to helping you and your non-profit succeed!

Dean Crownover